Feb 26, 2010

I Have Moved :)

Hey this is just a quick update to let everyone here know that I have moved over to wordpress and you can now find me at www.kristadelisle.com I will not be posting here anymore so please come follow me there :)


Feb 18, 2010

Etsy Find {Lemon Lollipop}

So I wanted to share this awesome Etsy shop with you that I found that has such delicious looking bath and body products it is unbearable lol....

super luscious COCONUT CRAZE - Scented WHIPPED CREAM SOAP by Lemon Lollipop

 This is just a few of there products I definitely will be ordering from them soon!  I will let you know as soon as I do what I think, however I am sure I WILL love the products...

Where Have I Been?

Hmmm that seems to be the question lately and it definitely has not been here posting on my blog lol...I have been quite busy and occupied lately with the kids and was enjoying my time off from school and pretty much took a break away from everything.

So What's New?
A lot of things are new first off I started my college reading class the week. Which I have been dreading since I hate reading period, but today was pretty good I am reading the book called NIGHT. I read the first chapter in that book today and as much as I hate reading the book seems pretty interesting as I get into it more I'll tell you about it. I also  have three chapters to read in my other book called "The Reader's Handbook" Reading Strategies for College Reading and Everyday Life, and a quiz on them next Wednesday.

What Else Is New?
I got my haircut and I am LOVING it...Well not really "cut" but styled and trimmed and I really like it I think it looks hot! I posted the picture below if you wanna check it out.

I also got ed to invest in a pair of UGG Clogs which I have been wanting FOREVER and he got them for me for Valentines day I was soooo excited... Next up see if I can convince him into a pair of UGG boots...

Jadyn and Ashton are doing good they had an appointment last week to get put back on WIC and Jadyn was due for some shots, but all in all he handled it good. Better than I thought he would anyway. I also called headstart to get Ashton enrolled into the Pre-School program for this September so they will send me the application as soon as they are accepting them. I am really excited and yet can't believe he is already old enough to be starting school, but I do think it will give me a nice break during the day to get schoolwork and other things done around the house while he is at school.

Well that is it for tonight, but do hope to post tomorrow again :)

My New Haircut


PS: I accidentally deleted my design here on my blog so this is how it is going to look until I can find the time to redo it all over again lol...